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The German business initiative „MineWaterTec“ was established in October 2009. Promoted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology the network pools expertise of several predominantly Saxon companies in the field of raw materials production, environmental protection, recultivation and water treatment; and it supports the idea of expanding and improving professional expertise by implementing R&D-projects.

Cooperation and research in the fields below were essential and distinctive elements of the successful Network Development Phase 1 (October 2009 to September 2010):

  • Remediation of mining waters through biosorption of algae biomass
  • Method for sustainable in-situ immobilisation of heavy metals
  • Sustainable water management in active mining and mine rehabilitation

All network partners have many years of experience and extensive knowledge in the fields of consulting, financing, planning and implementation of technologies/technical systems specifically designed to solve water related problems that occur in the mining process.

The corporate performance of network partners enables realisation of orders of larger volume and wide appearance in the international market.

GMBU e.V. a non-profit research institution with three branches in central Germany acts as network manager.

Technical, technological and economical aims of »MineWaterTec«

  1. International commercialisation of regional expertise
  2. Establishment of network in international business community
  3. Design, development and implementation of remediation concepts through bundling member’s competence as well as establishment of new expertise
  4. Combination of technologies and know-how between all in network involved companies
  5. Initiation, implementation and realisation of several innovative R&D-cooperation projects and projects for development of new methods and technologies
  6. Enhancement of existing methods and technologies on the issue of management and remediation of mining related waters
  7. Development of purchase and sales cooperation between partners
  8. Conceptual design of property rights and common label